send me.

Tonight I’m thinking about all those who spent their spring break serving the Lord on mission trips, and I’m amazed at the work that God is doing in the lives of those around me.  It is so incredible to see people come to know God and then spread the word, but a part of me – as horrible as it sounds – is jealous.

I want to do mission work.  I want to leave my comfort zone and go out into the world and share the love that I have found in Christ.  I want to be a part of something that brings hope where all hope seems lost.  And I want to be one of the people the Lord sends.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” -Isaiah 6:8

Send me, Lord.

I’ve always been stuck in this mindset that if I don’t go on this mission trip or that mission trip then I am somehow less of a follower of Christ.  I have caught myself praying “Send me, Lord,” quite often.  I try so hard to give my plans up to him, trusting that he will show me where I need to go next, but I still fall into the mindset that I have to be sent somewhere.  Yet, in the 4 or so years I have prayed to be sent, the call hasn’t come.  The timing hasn’t been right, and I’m finally starting to realize that that is okay.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited for those that have answered the Lord and carried out missions all over the world, and I know that the Lord has blessed them for the trust they’ve placed in him.  I love seeing people loving Christ like I do and spreading that love to others.  But for many people, the Lord gives a different call.

You see, the one thing I’ve been missing is the fact that spreading the message of hope and unfailing love is not reserved for mission trips.  Yes, mission trips seem to magnify the experience, but the message is the same regardless of where you share it.  There is no limit to where God’s grace can reach, and there is no place that God does not dwell.

So, don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel the Lord leading you to new places to share his name, and don’t be discouraged if you feel the Lord tugging at your heart to be sent, but just not yet.  Trust his plan, and trust his timing.

In the meantime, I pray you will remember this:

If you feel like God wants you to stay right where you are, then share the gospel where you are.  If you feel led to pack up and move halfway around the world, then pack up and allow God to lead you as you follow his path.  If you, like me, know that one day you will go but you’re patiently waiting for the Lord to tell you it’s time, then show people where you are what life is like when you trust the plans of the Lord, even when you don’t know where they will lead.

As believers, our call (while slightly different as to “where”) is to spread the love of God. Introduce people to their Creator wherever you are, and know that the Lord will do the rest.


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